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Revolutionizing Educational Content Creation with Parallel


Parallel addresses the gap of collaboration between aspiring educational content creators and educators. The platform facilitates a collaborative space, where educators contribute their domain knowledge, and content creators bring concepts to life through animations and visualizations, fostering the creation of high-quality educational videos.



The idea behind Parallel found further validation in a moment during Grant Sanderson's 3blue1brown podcast. This solidified my vision to empower educators and content creators to join forces in creating high-quality educational content.

Technology Stack and Deployment

I wanted to choose a stack that gave me the opportunity to explore new tools. The T3 stack (comprising of Next.js, TailwindCSS, tRPC, NextAuth, and Prisma with MySQL) presented an exciting chance to learn cutting-edge technologies mixed in with tools I was already familiar with.

The site was hosted on Vercel, along with PlanetScale for the database. This combination not only provided a robust foundation for development but also ensured scalability and performance.

Lessons Learned

This was certainly the biggest project I had worked on alone, so, as one would expect, several valuable lessons emerged. The challenges faced, from conceptualization to deployment, offered insights into the intricacies of full-stack development.

Parallel not only achieved the goal of being a platform that fosters educational content creation but also provided a valuable learning experience for my future projects. The journey from conceptualization to launch served as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, reinforcing the idea that thoughtful development and strategic decision-making are essential components of successful projects.